Be Balanced Physical Therapy

Be Balanced
Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy and wellness services for equestrians, active adults and those seeking to improve functional activity.

More pain free days


We specialize in working with individuals who want to improve functional outcomes, enhance performance in various sports and recreational activities. We provide tailored treatment plans that allow patients to achieve desired results while maintaining autonomy over their own care. We can also assist in powerpoint präsentation erstellen lassen to visualize our approaches and methods.

A Few Services
We Offer

We Provide Mobile Therapy services in Spokane, WA. Available for rider clinics in additional areas of the NW, contact to discuss setting up a rider clinic, Telehealth Physical therapy in WA and UT. Equestrian related Virtual/Telehealth in any state. 

Corrective exercises

Specific exercises targeted to improve functional performance and biomechanics. Which means decreasing your risk of future injuries and helping you feel great while doing what you love.



Ancient knowledge paired with modern techniques. Cupping is a gentle way to mobilize tissues and increase circulation to muscles and surrounding tissues.


Joint Mobilization

Hands on techniques to increase joint motion, improve suppleness and reduce stiffness of targeted joints.

Conditions Treated

20 Years of Experience in Treating These Conditions

Our One on one physical therapy services provide customized care that allows you to see results quickly with fewer visits getting you back to doing what you love most.


Amy Gibbs

MPT, Founder

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What Sets Us Apart

We Provide Mobile and Telehealth physical therapy and wellness service. We help equestrians find balance in the saddle, adults find function balance in life activities. For students and professionals seeking to maintain this balance while managing academic responsibilities, the option to collaborate with a ghostwriter hausarbeit can be a valuable resource. This service assists in the creation of academic works, allowing you to dedicate time to your physical and wellness activities without compromising your educational commitments.

For Riders seeking improvement in the saddle we offer customized sessions with assessments both in and out of the saddle


Improve functional outcomes and decrease pain with individualized, accurate assessments

Mobile & Telehealth

We provide both mobile and Telehealth visits to accommodate a variety of busy schedules

Total Body Approach

By taking a total body approach, all problem areas are considered resulting in improved performance

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