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Amy Gibbs

Amy Gibbs has been a licensed physical therapist for 16 years. She specializes in chronic pain reduction, functional movement improvements and patient education. She works one on one with individuals to give them accurate, customized care, allowing them to see results more quickly. She has worked in a variety of settings and has pursued advanced education on a variety specializations included but not limited to : Myofascial Release, KT taping, Hippotherapry Level 1, Functional Assessment Screening,  Testt ® Method and others. Having guest lectured at both WSU and USU, National Athletic Trainer Association Conference, and other organizations such as the National MS Society,  she has evolved into a keen educator that can communicate effectively and clearly with patients, allowing them to understand their diagnosis, engage in their sessions and home program more quickly and achieve results in a more timely manner with less visits overall. She has added the specialization of working with equestrians and has taken advanced education through Andy Thomas and the Testt practitioner model. This allows her to address rider asymmetries and get riders communicating in a more cohesive manner with their equine partners by reducing asymmetries and improving functional and postural control in the saddle.

Amy began her pursuing her own business in order to provide patient centered care that allows patients to be involved the rehabilitation process. Over her 16 years of practice she evolved into a practitioner that takes a total body and lifestyle approach. She wanted to have the one on one time with patients to delve in to any additional life stresses, daily habits and activities that limited her patient’s success. She found that by taking the extra time in the initial visits she was able to better identify underlying causes of her patients’ diagnoses. She wanted to move beyond treating a knee, shoulder or back. She wanted to treat the underlying causes and educate the patient along the way. Patients leave their sessions armed with tools that give them the confidence to tackle and correct their biomechanical deficiencies and the education to realize the underlying causes. Patients are able to work through problems more quickly and completely than ever before.  

As a Telehealth and mobile Physical Therapy provider with Be Balanced Physical Therapy, Amy is now able to continue that one on one individualized care. Amy and her patients together work on goals, treatment strategies and progress. Because Amy and her patients have cooperative autonomy they, not an outside 3rd party, are able to decide length of visits , frequency, and duration. Amy’s options of mobile and or Telehealth platforms provide convenience and time saving strategies for busy individuals.

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